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Hilary Mantel, Mad Max and Donald Trump: what we learned from Sydney writers’ festival
Judy Blume, Paul Kelly, George Miller and Tara June Winch were among the guests at Carriageworks, in a welcome return for the beloved event

Steph Harmon, Janine Israel, Natasha May, Rafqa Touma, Kelly Burke, Shelley Hepworth

03, May, 2021 @2:39 AM

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From 'himpathy' to power bottoms: six things we learned at Sydney writers' festival
Masha Gessen, Helen Garner, Emma Glass and more shared words of wisdom on #MeToo, power play, science and the ‘language of hatred’

Steph Harmon, Gabrielle Jackson, Lucy Clark and Alexandra Spring

08, May, 2018 @4:27 AM

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#MeToo revelations and loud, angry men: the feminism flashpoint of Sydney writers’ festival
For anyone who thought the movement had lost momentum, the last few days have proved otherwise

Steph Harmon

06, May, 2018 @3:02 AM

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'Growing wave of feminist energy': Julia Gillard on Clinton, Ardern and #MeToo
Former Australian PM discusses the role of gender in leadership at Sydney writers’ festival

Alexandra Spring

06, May, 2018 @12:41 AM

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Kevin Rudd: direct from New York, a new episode of national scab-picking
There were few surprises at the former PM’s book promotion, it was all old tropes and well-worn swipes. Alas, it’s only volume one

Michael McGowan

23, Oct, 2017 @7:31 PM

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There's no escaping jetlag. But on a plane you've got to have a plan | Brigid Delaney's diary
International travel plays havoc with your body and brain. And that’s quite apart from gimlet-eyed immigration staff who look as though they want to deport you

Brigid Delaney

02, Jun, 2017 @2:20 AM

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More than the N-word: how a 'tense' Paul Beatty interview raises bigger questions | Steph Harmon
A controversial discussion at Sydney writers’ festival illustrates a broader truth: when it comes to conversations about race, Australia still has work to do

Steph Harmon

30, May, 2017 @6:11 AM

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Chris Kraus: I Love Dick was written ‘in a delirium’
Published in 1997, I Love Dick was so far ahead of its time that only now does it seem to be approaching its apex. Chris Kraus discusses it with Elle Hunt

Elle Hunt

30, May, 2017 @3:58 AM

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Sydney writers' festival 2017 roundup: six things we learned
Hitler’s substance abuse may have changed the course of history, audiences don’t know how to ask questions, and the cultural appropriation debate is ‘mostly a problem of bad writing’

Brigid Delaney, Steph Harmon, Alexandra Spring, Paul Farrell and Elle Hunt

29, May, 2017 @7:34 AM

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Sydney writers' festival: 'catastrophic' Trump looms large for Roxane Gay
Author says she’s ‘worried about the level of misogyny and the level of xenophobia and racism in America’

Alexandra Spring and Steph Harmon

27, May, 2017 @11:54 PM

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Photo-altering apps a 'rabbit-hole' for young girls, Teen Vogue editor says
Elaine Welteroth tells Sydney writers’ festival she once tried photoshopping herself, but the desire for adjustments was never-ending

Steph Harmon

27, May, 2017 @4:20 AM

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Have a lover, have friends, read books. Montaigne was right about one thing | Germaine Leece
We think we are escaping ourselves when we read literature, but we might be going deeper into our interior worlds through the therapy of reading

Germaine Leece

24, May, 2017 @4:01 AM

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