Jeffrey Archer

(1940- )


"If you are lucky enough to have that gift - to tell a story, to tell a tale - that's just luck. You can't go down to Marks and Spencer and say 'I'll have a packet of stories please'."


Western Super Mare, England


Not Oxford University, as is often reported, but the Oxford Department of Education.

Other jobs

Businessman (who made and lost a fortune, then, with Not A Penny More..., made another), politician, pop-art collector, erstwhile would-be Mayor of London, perjurer, convict.

Did you know?

When the BBC launched breakfast television, Archer petitioned the corporation to allow him to present it.

Critical verdict

Personality and irritating marketing as "the best storyteller in the world" may explain the critical viciousness towards his lacklustre thrillers.

Recommended works

Kane and Abel, with the classic Archer warring twins theme; First Among Equals, for an insider's view of British politics.


His favourite short-story writers are F Scott Fitzgerald, Maupassant, HH Munro, W Somerset Maugham and O Henry.

Now read on

Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham


His work has been adapted for TV but never filmed; his play The Accused chimes with details of his own colourful life (and gives audiences the chance to vote on his innocence or otherwise).

Recommended biography

Jonathan Mantle's In-For-A-Penny is written in the Archer style; Jeffrey Archer: Stranger Than Fiction by Michael Crick certainly is.

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· Short story: Perfect Gentleman

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