Frontier wars

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Lyndall Ryan’s impact on Australian history research will be felt for many years to come | Ann Curthoys
Ryan’s rigorous, public-facing study of frontier violence and massacres led to the massacre map, which continues to attract international attention. She was also a cherished friend

Ann Curthoys

01, May, 2024 @12:31 AM

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Venice Biennale 2024: Australian pavilion to explore colonisation, incarceration and First Nations resilience
Artist Archie Moore will draw from his personal history – and databases including Guardian Australia’s Deaths Inside – to create a ‘site for quiet reflection’

Dee Jefferson

08, Feb, 2024 @2:00 PM

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It's no accident neo-Nazis tried to rally on Australia Day. Denialism of our dark history aids their cause | Jason Wilson
Robust condemnation of toxic NSN extremism is heartening. But the broad powers police rely on should give us pause

Jason Wilson

29, Jan, 2024 @3:06 AM

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Australia Day is on the nose – it’s becoming harder to defend celebrating the date of an apocalypse | Paul Daley
No matter how indignantly the woke-as-a-pejorative crowd screech on their op-ed pages and airwaves, the cultural tide on 26 January is ebbing fast

Paul Daley

25, Jan, 2024 @2:00 PM

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Why stop at Fraser Island? Many more Australian places should have their offensive names changed | Paul Daley
There’s Murdering Creek, Butcher’s Creek – so prolific are inappropriate placenames, many non-Indigenous Australians seem inured to their violent histories

Paul Daley

09, Jun, 2023 @3:00 PM

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Sydney Morning Herald apologises for failing ‘dismally’ on coverage of 1838 Myall Creek massacre
Nine Entertainment paper says it ‘essentially campaigned’ for 11 stockmen accused of killing at least 28 Aboriginal people to escape prosecution

Amanda Meade

09, Jun, 2023 @6:15 AM

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Senator claims authorities advised she was ‘potentially a target’ for abuse – as it happened
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Stephanie Convery and Natasha May (earlier)

25, Apr, 2023 @8:16 AM

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Calls grow for Australia’s frontier wars to be remembered on Anzac Day
Unofficial acknowledgment of those killed in precolonial conflicts has grown – but commemoration is still being debated

Aaron Smith

24, Apr, 2023 @3:00 PM

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Alarm over decision to exclude Queensland police from Indigenous truth-telling inquiry
Human rights commissioner says given role in ‘brutal colonisation’, it is ‘fundamentally important’ police participate in inquiry

Eden Gillespie

27, Mar, 2023 @2:59 AM

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Kim Beazley backs ‘proper recognition of frontier conflict’ at Australian War Memorial
New legal advice will allow addition as part of $500m expansion to be completed by 2028, chair says

Christopher Knaus

06, Feb, 2023 @12:18 AM

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The Australian War Memorial’s intransigence on depicting the frontier wars speaks louder than words | Paul Daley
Any meaningful shift in policy will need to amount to more than acquiring and hanging new artwork in a dedicated space

Paul Daley

17, Oct, 2022 @3:46 AM

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The Anzac cloak has shielded the Australian War Memorial from criticism. Its recognition of frontier violence is long overdue | Paul Daley
The integrity of Australian history demands truth-telling and our shrine to the military should lead the way

Paul Daley

29, Sep, 2022 @7:30 AM

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