Australia Day

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Want to be culturally sensitive? Start by saying my name right | Ranjana Srivastava
In a country where many were either born overseas or have at least one parent born elsewhere, there should be no place for intellectual laziness and complacency

Ranjana Srivastava

31, Jan, 2023 @2:00 PM

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Myanmar backflip on Sean Turnell’s amnesty leaves government ‘deeply concerned’ – as it happened
This blog is now closed

Henry Belot and Natasha May and Jordyn Beazley and Martin Farrer (earlier)

26, Jan, 2023 @7:07 AM

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‘Nothing to celebrate’: Invasion Day rallies draw thousands but participants divided on voice
Attendees at the Sydney rally say the strong opposition to the voice to parliament by organisers was shaping how they will vote

Cait Kelly, Mostafa Rachwani, Sarah Collard, Josh Butler and Tory Shepherd

26, Jan, 2023 @6:08 AM

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Thousands attend Invasion Day rallies on Australia’s national holiday as colonisation debate rages
With Australia increasingly uneasy about celebrating its national day, recognition of Indigenous people in the constitution has become a new flashpoint

Ben Doherty in Sydney

26, Jan, 2023 @5:49 AM

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Who is Taryn Brumfitt? Here’s what you need to know about the 2023 Australian of the Year
The writer and director’s body image advocacy started with a viral post and is headed for the upper echelons of government

Caitlin Cassidy

26, Jan, 2023 @1:20 AM

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Archie Roach recognised with 2023 Australia Day honour after his death
Other recipients include former Liberal NSW minister Pru Goward, restaurateur Kylie Kwong, physician Norman Swan, and actor David Wenham

Tory Shepherd

25, Jan, 2023 @9:07 PM

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Taryn Brumfitt: body image activist named 2023 Australian of the Year
Adelaide writer and speaker directed Netflix documentary about women’s body loathing and her path to accepting her own skin

Josh Taylor

25, Jan, 2023 @11:00 AM

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Australia Day 2023 honours for elder abuse law trailblazer, Indigenous activist and a fossil hunter
Most of the 1,047 Australians honoured are not famous but many of them have changed lives, if not the country

Tory Shepherd

25, Jan, 2023 @11:00 AM

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Invasion Day 2023: a guide to protest marches and events across Australia on 26 January
People across the country will gather to call for change on 26 January and celebrate First Nations survival and culture

Mostafa Rachwani

25, Jan, 2023 @9:58 AM

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It’s that time of year when Indigenous people get a harsh reality check on how deep casual racism can go | Djallarna Hamilton
So many of us are riding an emotional rollercoaster of pain, anguish and frustration

Djallarna Hamilton

25, Jan, 2023 @5:51 AM

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Not a day to celebrate: Wollongong university staff given option to work on Australia Day holiday
Vice-chancellor says 26 January is seen as Invasion Day by First Nations colleagues and we should ‘be clear about what we’re celebrating’

Caitlin Cassidy

09, Jan, 2023 @7:14 AM

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Melbourne council moves to abandon Australia Day citizenship ceremonies
Federal government tight-lipped on whether it will allow ceremonies on other dates as Merri-bek council votes on change

Adeshola Ore

08, Dec, 2022 @7:29 AM

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