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Jellicle clown: Frankie Thompson on her unmissable feline fever dream Catts
Her cat-tastic stage show is a riff on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical that swerves into emotionally raw territory. The Edinburgh fringe sensation talks about trauma, taboos and the importance of being disgusting

Chris Wiegand

14, Nov, 2022 @8:00 AM

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Stephen Cripps: In Real Life; Lindsay Seers and Keith Sargent: Cold Light review – dreams and visions
A homage to the fleeting, fiery performances of a mysterious, original artist is a natural accompaniment to a riveting exploration of connection and association

Laura Cumming

06, Nov, 2022 @1:00 PM

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The great Ben Nevis glow-up: how I hiked up a mountain and became an artwork
The UK’s most stunning locations have been turned into works of art by 11,000 ‘lumenators’. Our writer grabs a geolight and gets a wind-chilled, freezing cold thrill on Britain’s tallest peak

Joanna Moorhead

25, Oct, 2022 @3:17 PM

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Chiara Bersani: Seeking Unicorns review – moments of mythical presence
With delicate movements and precise details, the Italian performance artist evokes a magical creature against a backdrop of fantastical art

Lyndsey Winship

23, Oct, 2022 @11:42 AM

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Brian Catling obituary
Performance artist and fantasy writer whose gothic imagination found inspiration in the ‘wrongness of actions’

Oliver Basciano

07, Oct, 2022 @3:36 PM

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Marina Abramović’s Gates and Portals review – why surrender your liberty to these wafer-thin ideas?
The artist is not present in her latest show. Instead, visitors are shuffled about by volunteers trained in her Method, with a hint of Blair Witch ritual

Jonathan Jones

23, Sep, 2022 @3:00 PM

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A wave of Korean art, the sound of Turner and Freud goes to the races – the week in art
The V&A’s new show is a dazzling historical remix, Tate Liverpool sets an English master to music, while Lucian Freud’s love for the turf is revealed – all in your weekly dispatch

Jonathan Jones

23, Sep, 2022 @1:23 PM

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Kim Noble: Lullaby for Scavengers review – strange, tender and endlessly funny
The notorious comic and performance artist explores loneliness and the human/animal divide in an intricately assembled scrapbook show

Brian Logan

22, Sep, 2022 @2:18 PM

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‘It could have some negative pushback’: has extreme comedian Kim Noble finally gone too far?
In Lullaby for Scavengers, the no-holds-barred performance artist returns to outfox and outrage audiences. He talks about trying to snog his mother, bathing with maggots and being an ‘old white dinosaur’

Brian Logan

20, Sep, 2022 @4:01 PM

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Dark night of the sole: teenagers are taking adults on tours of Brisbane – and it’s brilliant chaos
Nightwalks with Teenagers is a global art experiment that sees young people show adults their city through their eyes. Anna McGahan tags along for games, pranks and meaningful chats

Anna McGahan

17, Sep, 2022 @8:00 PM

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Smeared with mackerel, chased by police: the wild, miraculous art of Carolee Schneemann – review
Schneemann was inspirational, confrontational and joyously excessive, pulling art from her vagina and writhing naked through molasses and wallpaper paste. This thrilling show captures the sheer scope of a phenomenal artist

Adrian Searle

07, Sep, 2022 @5:18 PM

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Orgiastic body art, a Midlands meme and Hockney meets the Pharaohs – the week in art
A fresh look at Carolee Schneemann’s pioneering performance art, ‘four lads in jeans’ immortalised in bronze, and new visions of ancient Egypt

Jonathan Jones

02, Sep, 2022 @12:51 PM

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