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Artemisia Gentileschi’s: Self-Portrait as St Catherine of Alexandria
The Italian painter who overcame torture at the hands of the establishment, presents herself as a pillar of power

Skye Sherwin

08, Mar, 2019 @10:00 AM

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Performance artist Carolee Schneemann dies aged 79
US artist confronted taboos around sex and gender with videos and performances featuring raw meat, naked bodies and snakes

Tim Jonze

07, Mar, 2019 @12:12 PM

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'We need to use our bodies as weapons': Joanna Piotrowska's unsettling family photographs
What do the photographer’s deadpan images of adults in dens and women in self-defence poses say about modern family life? That we’re insecure, tense and nervous

Hettie Judah

07, Mar, 2019 @10:34 AM

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Neuron Pod: Will Alsop's intergalactic porcupine of knowledge
Based on a nerve cell, the architect’s posthumous addition to London’s Blizard laboratory complex is so lovable, you almost want to give it a cuddle

Oliver Wainwright

07, Mar, 2019 @9:31 AM

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Women battling sexism in photography – a picture essay
From equipment ‘designed by men for men’ to clients assuming they’re the makeup artist, female photographers are still fighting against the tide

Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore

06, Mar, 2019 @11:40 PM

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Shunned, seized and now celebrated: the porn paintings of Betty Tompkins
Inspired by her husband’s porn stash, the artist’s explicit work horrified galleries and customs officials. Now the world can’t get enough. We visit her New York studio

Hermione Hoby

06, Mar, 2019 @3:46 PM

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Barbara Bosworth’s best photograph: midsummer moon over Boston
‘Light pollution is making it increasingly hard to find a really dark night sky that lets you see the stars. It’s a shame for humanity’

Interview by Edward Siddons

06, Mar, 2019 @3:39 PM

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Did Leonardo da Vinci create a nude Mona Lisa – and if so, who was the model?
The Louvre thinks the great Renaissance master might be behind the charcoal sketch known as the Monna Vanna, and the sitter might not be a woman

Jonathan Jones

05, Mar, 2019 @4:23 PM

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'Buildings that defy categorisation' – Arata Isozaki wins 2019 Pritzker architecture prize
The 87-year-old, known for his visionary ideas including an inflatable concert hall, wins architecture’s Nobel prize equivalent

Tim Jonze

05, Mar, 2019 @3:00 PM

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The Helmet Heads review – Henry Moore should never have gone near a chisel
This exhibition invites you to compare the British artist’s work to antique armoury and Picasso – both show him up as slow, ponderous and complacent

Jonathan Jones

05, Mar, 2019 @1:10 PM

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MK Gallery review – utterly, thrillingly Milton Keynesian
Restored with relish, the unhappy 1990s gallery is now proudly of its place. With eye-popping interiors inspired by a 1978 Habitat catalogue, this is a shining temple to Milton Keynes’ mythology

Oliver Wainwright

05, Mar, 2019 @12:49 PM

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Blue sky thinking for the country’s paintings | Letters
Letters: Readers respond to an article outlining two radically different plans for civic art collections; what inspired Hockney and where his work should be displayed; and the ‘lost’ Caravaggio


04, Mar, 2019 @6:05 PM

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