Bob and Roberta Smith

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Artists urged to shrug off Brexit blues in cross-Channel project
People in UK and France encouraged to submit work exploring new relationship between two countries

Kim Willsher in Paris

08, Feb, 2021 @4:42 PM

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'Oh no, I have the world's most boring name!' The show of artists called Smith
A new exhibition unites artist with a common surname. We sent a Smith of our own along – to see what else Patti, Paul, Bob and Roberta have in common

Mat Smith

03, Jul, 2019 @5:00 AM

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Long live the older artists of the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition | Letter from Bob and Roberta Smith
Letters: As artists grow older they can fall from fashion, but age also brings gravitas, writes Bob and Roberta Smith


11, Jun, 2019 @4:30 PM

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Folkestone Triennial review – the art must fit, or get lost at sea
The third Folkestone Triennial is at its best when artists such as Richard Woods and Bob and Roberta Smith tailor striking works to the town’s geography

Laura Cumming

03, Sep, 2017 @7:00 AM

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Folkestone triennial review – beached bungalows and giant jelly mould pavilions
Antony Gormley sculptures lurk under the promenade, Richard Woods invades town with huts for second-homers, while Bob and Roberta Smith treats local kids to art lessons. An eye-catching battle is raging at the Kent seaside between rich and poor, social decay and civic pride

Skye Sherwin

01, Sep, 2017 @2:00 PM

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Bob and Roberta’s Excellent Protest Adventure review – all slogans, no substance
Bob and Roberta Smith – AKA the artist Patrick Brill – enlisted the help of Billy Bragg, Noam Chomsky and Roger Scruton to explain how modern protest works. But his uneven, scattergun approach led to an irritating hour

Lucy Mangan

18, Nov, 2016 @7:20 AM

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Blackpool Illuminations gets arty with new LightPool festival
Yoko Ono is among the artists taking part in Blackpool’s festival of lights, a showcase of 30 installations, sculptures and performances across the town

Will Coldwell

25, Oct, 2016 @5:30 AM

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No junk mail please: the man who popped YBA art in the postbox
Matthew Higgs’ visionary Imprint 93 was snail mail’s artistic swansong and helped to deliver a new generation of artists from Chris Ofili to Martin Creed

Jonathan Jones

17, Mar, 2016 @5:26 PM

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What’s your fantasy festival?
We asked some old festival hands what would be in their field of dreams. This is what they said…

Sam Richards

13, Mar, 2016 @7:00 AM

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Website aims to offer images of all publicly owned art in Britain
Artist Bob and Roberta Smith launches Art UK, which already covers more than 200,000 paintings, many of them hidden from public view

Maev Kennedy

24, Feb, 2016 @3:14 PM

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Bob and Roberta Smith: ‘Soon there won’t be any kids with estuary accents in art schools’
Artist Patrick Brill, aka Bob and Roberta Smith, on the ‘sickening’ YBAs, Tory ‘philistines’, and losing to Michael Gove in the last election

Interview by Sean O'Hagan

23, Aug, 2015 @9:45 AM

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Bob and Roberta Smith: on a mission to unseat Michael Gove
Furious about the state of education, Patrick Brill (AKA the artist Bob and Roberta Smith) is standing against Michael Gove in the election. Nick Curtis joins him as he takes to the streets of Bagshot – converting a dog-walker and one Tory councillor to his cause

Nick Curtis

16, Mar, 2015 @4:59 PM

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