Share your stories from inside the farming industry

We want to hear from people working in the farming and food production industry around the world as we begin a new investigative series

So much of our global food production takes place behind closed doors. In some countries, farm and factory workers are asked to sign non-disclosure agreements. In some US states laws prohibit undercover filming and photography on farms. Some farmers are prevented from speaking out by the large companies to which they are contracted; others are silent because they already feel at risk.

But our farming and production sectors are vital to the global economy – and subject to a great deal of debate and discussion. These jobs are hard, sometimes dangerous, and rarely well-paid – and yet farm and food workers around the world hardly get the chance to put forward their side of the story.

We’d like to hear the views from the other side – both good and bad. What is it like to work on an intensive farm or in a slaughterhouse? What are safety conditions like? Is morale good? Are there issues that we all need to be made aware of? What about the retail end? Are journalists getting the stories right or is there more that we need to know?

The Guardian and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism will be working with journalists from all over the world to get to the truth of the way our food is produced. We’d love to hear from you, via the form below or by emailing us

How to share your stories

You can share your experiences and stories, anonymously if you prefer, by filling in the encrypted form below – only the Guardian has access to your responses. If you require more security you can use our secure drop service.

A journalist may contact you to discuss your contributions further, and we may include some of your stories in our reporting.

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