"Komodo National Park"

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Why there is hope that the world's coral reefs can be saved
Scientists are using novel methods to save a vital part of our ecosystem

Gaia Vince

18, Oct, 2020 @11:05 AM

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UN draft plan sets 2030 target to avert Earth's sixth mass extinction
Paris-style proposal to counter loss of ecosystems and wildlife vital to the future of humanity will go before October summit

Patrick Greenfield

13, Jan, 2020 @11:41 AM

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Indonesia cancels Komodo island closure, saying tourists are no threat to dragons
U-turn announced after environment minister said populations of the ancient lizard remained stable despite influx of visitors

Jamie Fullerton in Phnom Penh

01, Oct, 2019 @3:24 AM

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Komodo considers tourist ban to help boost dragon numbers
Indonesian authorities want to protect endangered lizard from smugglers and restock its island food supply

Kate Lyons

04, Apr, 2019 @4:34 PM

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The end of tourism?
The long read: The pandemic has devastated global tourism, and many will say ‘good riddance’ to overcrowded cities and rubbish-strewn natural wonders. Is there any way to reinvent an industry that does so much damage?

Christopher de Bellaigue

18, Jun, 2020 @5:00 AM

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Destroying the world's natural heritage: 'Komodo is reaching a tipping point'
The Indonesian national park boasts some of the world’s best dive sites and spectacular marine life, but illegal fishing and unsustainable tourism is threatening its Unesco status

Kate Lamb in Jakarta

18, Apr, 2018 @4:00 AM

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Here be dragons: Komodo is paradise refound, but watch out for the locals
Indonesian national park offers snorkelling, trekking and spectacular views from the summits - but everyone comes to see the large lizards

Brigid Delaney

15, Jul, 2017 @11:35 PM

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Here be dragons: the million-year journey of the Komodo dragon | Hanneke Meijer
Far from being the special result of insular evolution, Komodo dragons are the last survivors of a group of huge lizards that ranged over much of Australasia

Hanneke Meijer

17, May, 2017 @11:09 AM

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More than 100 natural world heritage sites degraded by human activity, says report
Forest loss worst in North America and Australia, with 63% of sites under increased pressure from infrastructure, agriculture and settlements

Michael Slezak

31, Jan, 2017 @2:02 AM

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Raja Ampat survey reveals new species and key manta ray data
Raja Ampat is the global epicentre of marine biodiversity – and the species count is still rising, thanks in large part to two scientists ...

Johnny Langenheim

10, Apr, 2018 @5:00 AM

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Water worlds: top 10 marine adventure holidays worldwide
Ahead of the BBC’s new David Attenborough series Blue Planet II, we pick 10 trips that explore the oceans, from diving the Pacific’s ‘underwater Serengeti’ to reef conservation in Belize and kayaking in Komodo

Rachel Dixon

16, Oct, 2017 @9:00 AM

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On Komodo island, tourists and giant lizards will just have to get along
Who needs Jurassic Park? In Indonesia, giant reptiles have their own national park, but a new airport development is bringing an influx of tourists to their domain

Jeremy Hance

27, Feb, 2016 @10:00 AM

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