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مینارِ پاکستان
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Minar-e-Pakistan is located in Lahore
Location within Lahore
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Minar-e-Pakistan is located in Pakistan
Minar-e-Pakistan (Pakistan)
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General information
StatusNational Tower of Pakistan
TypePublic monument
LocationLahore, Punjab
Coordinates31°35′33″N 74°18′34″E / 31.5925°N 74.3095°E / 31.5925; 74.3095Coordinates: 31°35′33″N 74°18′34″E / 31.5925°N 74.3095°E / 31.5925; 74.3095
Construction started23 March 1960
Completed21 October 1968
Roof70 metres (230 ft)[1]
Design and construction
ArchitectNasreddin Murat-Khan
Structural engineerA Rehman Niazi
Services engineerMian Abdul Ghani Mughal
Main contractorMian Abdul khaliq company

Minar-e-Pakistan (Urdu: مینارِ پاکستان‎) is a national monument located in Lahore, Pakistan.[2] The tower was built between 1960 and 1968 on the site where the All-India Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution on 23 March 1940 - the first official call for a separate and independent homeland for the Muslims of British India, as espoused by the two-nation theory. The resolution eventually helped lead to the emergence of an independent Pakistani state in 1947.

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