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City in Mali

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Travel Warning WARNING: Because of ongoing terrorist attacks in Northern Mali, many governments advise againstall travel to the region. More information is available in the warning at the top of the Mali page.
(Information last updated Sep 2020)

Timbuktu (also Tombouctou or Timbuctu) is a Tuareg city on the Niger River in the country of Mali.

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  • Timbuktu

    City in Tombouctou Region, Mali

  • Sankore Madrasah

    Ancient center of learning in Timbuktu, Mali

  • Djinguereber Mosque

    Learning center in Timbuktu, Mali

  • Sidi Yahya Mosque

    Mosque and madrassa in Timbuktu, Mali

  • Timbuktu Airport
  • Ahmed Baba Institute
  • Battle of Timbuktu
  • Second Battle of Timbuktu
  • Kabara, Mali

    Town in Tombouctou Region, Mali

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