Gamzigrad World Heritage Site

Village in Serbia

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Native name
Serbian: Гамзиград
Locationnear Gamzigradska Banja, Zaječar, Serbia
Coordinates43°53′57″N 22°11′06″E / 43.89917°N 22.18500°E / 43.89917; 22.18500Coordinates: 43°53′57″N 22°11′06″E / 43.89917°N 22.18500°E / 43.89917; 22.18500
Elevation197 m (646.3 ft)
Built298 AD
Official nameGamzigrad-Romuliana, Palace of Galerius
Criteriaiii, iv
Designated2007 (31st session)
Reference no.1253
State Party Serbia
RegionEurope and North America
Official nameГАМЗИГРАД
TypeArchaeological Sites of Exceptional Importance
Reference no.АН 40[1]
Gamzigrad is located in Serbia
Location of Gamzigrad within Serbia

Gamzigrad (Serbian Cyrillic: About this soundГамзиград, pronounced [ɡǎmziɡraːd]) is an archaeological site, spa resort and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Serbia,[2] located south of the Danube river, in the city of Zaječar. It is the location of the ancient Roman complex of palaces and temples Felix Romuliana (Serbian: Феликс Ромулијана / Feliks Romulijana), built by Emperor Galerius[3][4] in Dacia Ripensis. The main area covers 10 acres (40,000 m2).[5]

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