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Our Lady of Ljeviš
Богородица Љевишка (Serbian)
Bogorodica Ljeviška  (Serbian)
Kisha e Shën Premtës  (Albanian)
Bogorodica Ljeviska1.jpg
Overview of the church, 1980
Coordinates: 42°12′41″N 20°44′09″E / 42.21139°N 20.73583°E / 42.21139; 20.73583
LocationPrizren, Kosovo[a]
DenominationSerbian Orthodox
Founder(s)Stephen Milutin
DedicationDormition of the Mother of God[1]
Functional statusSemi-active[2]
StyleSerbo-Byzantine style[4]
DioceseEparchy of Raška and Prizren[3]
Part ofMedieval Monuments in Kosovo
CriteriaCultural: ii, iii, iv
Inscription2006 (30th session)
TypeMonument of Culture of Exceptional Importance
Reference no.SK 1369[5]

Our Lady of Ljeviš (Serbian: Богородица Љевишка, romanizedBogorodica Ljeviška) is a 14th-century Serbian Orthodox church in the town of Prizren, in southern Kosovo. Since 2006, the church is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site named Medieval Monuments in Kosovo.

In the beginning of the 14th century it was built during the reign of Stefan Milutin, King of Serbia, on the site of a former Byzantine church. The rebuilt church featured frescoes by Byzantine Greek painters, Michael and Eutychios Astrapas. After the Ottomans completed its annexation of the region in the 15th century, a minaret was erected and the complex was converted into a mosque. In 1912, when the Serbian army annexed Kosovo, the status of the church was restored. After World War II, under SFR Yugoslavia, it saw extensive restoration and reconstruction and functioned as a museum. The site was heavily damaged during the 2004 unrest in Kosovo and has been going through several phases of restoration since then.

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