Senegambian stone circles

Concentration of megalithic stone circles in Senegal and the Gambia

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Stone Circles of Senegambia
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Wassu Stone Circle.jpg
Wassu stone circles
LocationThe Gambia and Senegal
  1. Kerbatch
  2. Wassu
  3. Sine Ngayène
  4. Wanar
CriteriaCultural: (i), (iii)
Inscription2006 (30th session)
Area9.85 ha (24.3 acres)
Buffer zone110.05 ha (271.9 acres)
Coordinates13°41′28″N 15°31′21″W / 13.69111°N 15.52250°W / 13.69111; -15.52250Coordinates: 13°41′28″N 15°31′21″W / 13.69111°N 15.52250°W / 13.69111; -15.52250
Senegambian stone circles is located in The Gambia
Senegambian stone circles
Location of Senegambian stone circles in The Gambia
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Senegambian stone circles is located in Senegal
Senegambian stone circles
Senegambian stone circles (Senegal)
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Wassu stone circles.

The Senegambian stone circles lie in The Gambia north of Janjanbureh and in central Senegal.

With an approximate area of 30,000 km²,[1] they are sometimes divided into the Wassu (Gambian) and Sine-Saloum (Senegalese) circles, but this is purely a national division. According to UNESCO, the Senegambian stone circles are "the largest concentration of stone circles seen anywhere in the world."[2][3] "These sites, Wassu, and Kerbatch in Gambia, and Wanar and Sine Ngayene in Senegal, represent an extraordinary concentration of more than 1,000 stone circles and related tumuli spread over a territory of 100 km wide and 350 km in length, along the River Gambia.[4]

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Senegambian stone circles

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