Chongoni Rock Art Area World Heritage Site

Rock art in the Central Region of Malawi

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Chongoni Rock Art Area
Chongoni rock art.jpg
Rock painting in Chongoni Rock Art Area
LocationDedza District, Central, Malawi
Nearest townDedza
Coordinates14°17′36″S 34°16′45″E / 14.29333°S 34.27917°E / -14.29333; 34.27917Coordinates: 14°17′36″S 34°16′45″E / 14.29333°S 34.27917°E / -14.29333; 34.27917
Area126.40 km2 (48.80 sq mi)
EstablishedJuly 12, 2006
Criteriaiii, vi
Designated2006 (30th session)
Reference no.476rev
State Party Malawi

Chongoni Rock Art Area is located in the Central Region of Malawi consisting of 127 sites in the forested hills of the Malawi plateau with depictions of rock art and paintings of the farmer community of the Late Stone Age and the Iron Age period.[1] This ancient record of the cultural history is in vogue even now.[2]

The rock arts are in granite formations and consist of art depictions attributed to the hunter gatherer community of BaTwa who lived here during the stone age period, and of the farming community of Chewa who are traced to the Iron Age period.[1] In view of this cultural importance, the area was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 under Criteria III for the rich cultural traditions of rock art and Criteria VI for its continued link to the present society.[1] The rock art symbolizing rituals and ceremonies is mostly the creation of the women folk of Chewa clan.[1] The "agropastoralist" art form of the tribes, which represents their perception of use and control of their natural habitat, was continued by the Bantu tribes in Changoni.[3]

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