Treaty Oak

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Treaty Oak
Southbank, Jacksonville, FL 32207, USA - panoramio.jpg
Jacksonville's Treaty Oak
Treaty Oak is located in Florida
Treaty Oak
Treaty Oak
SpeciesSouthern live oak (Quercus virginiana)
Coordinates30°19′01″N 81°39′29″W / 30.3170°N 81.6581°W / 30.3170; -81.6581Coordinates: 30°19′01″N 81°39′29″W / 30.3170°N 81.6581°W / 30.3170; -81.6581

The Treaty Oak is an octopus-like Southern live oak (Quercus virginiana) in Jacksonville, Florida. The tree is estimated to be 250 years old[1][2] and may be the single oldest living thing in Jacksonville,[3] predating the founding of the city by Isaiah Hart during the 1820s. It is located in Treaty Oak Park in the Southbank area of Downtown Jacksonville.

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Treaty Oak

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