Shirlington, Arlington, Virginia

Human settlement in Arlington County, Virginia, United States of America

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Sites in Shirlington. Clockwise from upper left: Signature Theatre and Shirlington Library; Windsor Apartments complex; Campbell Avenue as viewed from South Arlington Mill Drive; and WETA FM and administrative offices.

Shirlington is an unincorporated urban area, officially called an "urban village",[1] in the southern part of Arlington County, Virginia, United States, adjacent to the Fairlington area. The word "Shirlington" is a combination of "Shirley" (from the Shirley Highway or Interstate 395) and "Arlington".

Shirlington is billed as "Arlington’s Arts and Entertainment District"[2] and is largely mixed-use development based on New Urbanist principles. It is mostly middle-class residential, but like most of Arlington County has been experiencing an economic renaissance and is now home to many upscale dwellings and retail and service establishments that also serve the nearby Fairlington, Parkfairfax, Nauck and Long Branch Creek areas.

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Shirlington, Arlington, Virginia

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