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The Fujian tulou (Chinese: 福建土楼 Fújiàn tǔlóu; literally: "Fujian earthen buildings"), also known as Hakka tulou, Hakka earth houses or roundhouses, are Chinese rural dwellings unique to the Hakka people in the mountainous areas in southeastern Fujian, China. A tulou is usually a large, enclosed and fortified earth building, most commonly rectangular or circular, with very thick earth walls between three and five stories high. Traditionally, tulou have housed an entire clan with up to 800 people. Smaller interior buildings are often enclosed by these huge peripheral walls which can contain halls, storehouses, wells and living areas, the whole structure resembling a small fortified city. In 2008, 46 buildings were inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Most of the notable Fujian tulou are in Yongding County and Nanjing County in southern Fujian and this travel guide will provide information on visiting them.

Chuxi Tulou cluster

The names of the tulou clusters and bus stations are often different from the village they're situated in; moreover, some villages or clusters have multiple names. To minimize confusion, this article will often state all names separated by a slash

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