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People's Park
People's Park, Berkeley
People's Park (Berkeley) is located in Oakland, California
People's Park (Berkeley)
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People's Park (Berkeley) is located in San Francisco Bay Area
People's Park (Berkeley)
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Nearest cityBerkeley, California
Coordinates37°51′56″N 122°15′25″W / 37.86556°N 122.25694°W / 37.86556; -122.25694Coordinates: 37°51′56″N 122°15′25″W / 37.86556°N 122.25694°W / 37.86556; -122.25694
Area2.8 acres (1.1 ha)
CreatedApril 20, 1969 (1969-04-20)

People's Park in Berkeley, California is a park located off Telegraph Avenue, bounded by Haste and Bowditch streets and Dwight Way, near the University of California, Berkeley. The park was created during the radical political activism of the late 1960s.[1][2][3][4]

The local Southside neighborhood was the scene of a major confrontation between student protesters and police in May 1969. A mural near the park, painted by Berkeley artist O'Brien Thiele and lawyer/artist Osha Neumann, depicts the shooting of James Rector, who was fatally shot by police on May 15, 1969.[5][6]

While legally the land is the property of the University of California, People's Park has operated since the early 1970s as a free public park. Although open to all, it is often viewed as a sanctuary for Berkeley's low income and large homeless population who, along with others, receive meals from East Bay Food Not Bombs regularly. Many homeless outreach organizations, like the Suitcase Clinic, also visit the park regularly. Nearby residents, and those who use the park for recreation partake in activities around the park like gardening, musical performances, and movie nights. Many of these events are planned and executed by the People's Park Committee.[1][2][3][4]

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