Narragansett Brewing Company

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Narragansett Brewing Company
TypePrivate company
LocationPawtucket, Rhode Island, United States
Coordinates41°52′37″N 71°23′21″W / 41.87694°N 71.38917°W / 41.87694; -71.38917Coordinates: 41°52′37″N 71°23′21″W / 41.87694°N 71.38917°W / 41.87694; -71.38917
Annual production volume85,000 US beer barrels (100,000 hl) in 2015[1]
Owned byMark Hellendrung

The Narragansett Brewing Company (/ˌnærəˈɡænsɪt/ NARR-ə-GAN-sit) is an American brewery founded in Cranston, Rhode Island in 1890. Founders included John H. Fehlberg, Augustus F. Borchandt, Herman G. Possner, George M. Gerhard, Constand A. Moeller, and Jacob Wirth.[2]

Narragansett was formerly the number one selling brand in New England, but it now occupies a relatively narrow segment of the market. It was originally brewed in the city of Cranston, and was famous for its drinkability and the advertising slogan, "Hi, Neighbor, have a 'Gansett!," most famously uttered by Boston Red Sox announcer Curt Gowdy.[3]

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