Lane Theological Seminary

Former theological college in Ohio, USA

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Lane Theological Seminary
Campus of Lane Theological Seminary
TypePrivate seminary
PresidentLyman Beecher (1832–1852)
Academic staff
Calvin Stowe, Baxter Dickinson
Location, ,
United States

39°7′48.62″N 84°29′17.84″W / 39.1301722°N 84.4882889°W / 39.1301722; -84.4882889Coordinates: 39°7′48.62″N 84°29′17.84″W / 39.1301722°N 84.4882889°W / 39.1301722; -84.4882889

Lane Theological Seminary was a Presbyterian theological college that operated from 1829 to 1932 in Walnut Hills, Ohio, today a neighborhood in Cincinnati. Its campus was bounded by today's Gilbert, Yale, Park, and Chapel Streets.[1]

Its board intended it to be "a great central theological institution at Cincinnati — soon to become the great Andover or Princeton of the West."[2] However, the founding and first years of Lane were difficult and contentious, culminating in a mass student exodus over the issue of slavery, or more specifically whether students were permitted to discuss the topic, the first major academic freedom incident in America.[3] Cincinnati was quite racist and unsettled, and the trustees immediately prohibited further discussion of the topic, to avoid repercussions. Being on the border of the South, a lot of fugitive slaves and freedmen went through Cincinnati, including James Bradley, who would participate in the debates discussed below. Their competition for jobs had led to the anti-abolitionist Cincinnati riots of 1829 and would soon produce the Cincinnati riots of 1836.

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Lane Theological Seminary

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