Garden of Cultivation World Heritage Site

Part of the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, China

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The Garden of Cultivation
UNESCO World Heritage Site
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Ming Dynasty Pavilion
LocationSuzhou, Jiangsu, China
Part ofClassical Gardens of Suzhou
CriteriaCultural: (i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)
Inscription1997 (21st session)
Area0.38 ha (0.94 acres)
Buffer zone1.117 ha (2.76 acres)
Coordinates31°18′54.9″N 120°36′17.0″E / 31.315250°N 120.604722°E / 31.315250; 120.604722Coordinates: 31°18′54.9″N 120°36′17.0″E / 31.315250°N 120.604722°E / 31.315250; 120.604722
Garden of Cultivation is located in Jiangsu
Garden of Cultivation
Location of Garden of Cultivation in Jiangsu
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Garden of Cultivation is located in China
Garden of Cultivation
Garden of Cultivation (China)
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Garden of Cultivation
Simplified Chinese艺圃
Traditional Chinese藝圃

The Garden of Cultivation (Chinese: 艺圃; pinyin: Yì Pǔ) is one of the best preserved examples of a Ming Dynasty classical garden in Suzhou. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Classical Gardens of Suzhou on the World Heritage List. "Due to its special history, this Garden was virtually unknown before it was listed as a UN World Cultural Heritage site."[1]

  1. ^ Li Zongwei, The Classical Gardens of Suzhou, Shanghai Press and Publishing Development Company, 2006, p. 175

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