Five Points (Columbia, South Carolina)

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Fountain in Five Points at night

Five Points in Columbia, South Carolina is a shopping, restaurant, and nightlife area that attracts customers from the nearby University of South Carolina and throughout the Columbia metropolitan area. It is the center for the city's annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival.[citation needed]

It was Columbia's first neighborhood shopping district, named for the intersection of Harden Street, Devine Street and Santee Avenue. It was home to Columbia's first supermarket[1] (an A & P), first Chinese restaurant[1] (Kester’s Bamboo House), and the first bar in South Carolina to serve a cocktail[1] (the Stage Door, which claimed to sell the state's first legal mixed drink after the South Carolina General Assembly approved the use of minibottles in 1973).

When streetcars were prevalent, Five Points was a hub (rotating circle) for moving between downtown Columbia and the residential area of Shandon.[citation needed]

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