Charleston School of Law

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Charleston School of Law
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The Charleston School of Law's library is housed in an antebellum building at 81 Mary Street.
MottoPro bono populi
"For the good of the people"
EstablishedMay 12, 2003
School typeFor-profit law school[1]
DeanLarry Cunningham
LocationCharleston, South Carolina, United States
32°47′26″N 79°56′18″W / 32.79056°N 79.93833°W / 32.79056; -79.93833Coordinates: 32°47′26″N 79°56′18″W / 32.79056°N 79.93833°W / 32.79056; -79.93833
USNWR ranking148-194 (bottom 25%)[2]
Bar pass rate43.4% (July 2018) [3]

The Charleston School of Law (CSOL) is a for-profit law school in Charleston, South Carolina. The school was established in 2003 and fully accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) in August 2011.[4] The school was founded upon a principle of promoting public service by its students and graduates; each student must perform at least 50 hours of public service before graduation.[5] According to the school's 2018 ABA-required disclosures, 44.5% of the Class of 2017 obtained full-time, long-term, JD-required employment nine months after graduation.[6]

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