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Church of Tenaún
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Tenaun Church.jpg
Front of the church
LocationTenaún, Dalcahue, Chiloé Island, Chiloé Province, Los Lagos Region, Chile
Part ofChurches of Chiloé
CriteriaCultural: (ii), (iii)
Inscription2000 (24th session)
Area0.38 ha (0.94 acres)
Coordinates42°15′37″S 73°27′28″W / 42.2603°S 73.4579°W / -42.2603; -73.4579Coordinates: 42°15′37″S 73°27′28″W / 42.2603°S 73.4579°W / -42.2603; -73.4579
Church of Tenaún is located in Chiloé
Church of Tenaún
Location of Church of Tenaún in Chiloé
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Church of Tenaún is located in Los Lagos
Church of Tenaún
Church of Tenaún (Los Lagos)
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Church of Tenaún is located in Chile
Church of Tenaún
Church of Tenaún (Chile)
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The Church of Tenaún or Church of Our Lady of Patrocinio (Patronage)Spanish: Iglesia de Tenaún, Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Patrocinio— is a Catholic church located in the town of Tenaún, commune of Dalcahue on the Chiloé Archipelago, Los Lagos Region, southern Chile.

The Church of Tenaún was declared a National Monument of Chile in 1999[1] and is one of the 16 Churches of Chiloé that were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites on 30 November 2000.[2]

“Tenaún” means “three peaks” in the native language of the area, and it is believed that the church’s three pillars symbolize this. The patron saint of the Church of Tenaún is Our Lady of Patrocinio, whose feast day is celebrated on January 30.[3]

This church leads the parish of Patrocinio San José, Tenaún, one of the 24 parishes that form the Diocese of Ancud.[4]

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