Battle of Charlotte

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Battle of Charlotte
Part of the American Revolutionary War
4th Baron Coleraine.jpg
George Hanger, portrait by Thomas Beach
DateSeptember 26, 1780
Location35°13′37″N 80°50′36″W / 35.22694°N 80.84333°W / 35.22694; -80.84333Coordinates: 35°13′37″N 80°50′36″W / 35.22694°N 80.84333°W / 35.22694; -80.84333

Patriot delaying action

 United States  Great Britain
Commanders and leaders
United States William R. Davie Kingdom of Great Britain George Hanger
Kingdom of Great Britain Lord Cornwallis
150[1] unknown
Casualties and losses
23[2] to 30[3] killed, wounded or captured 15 to 59 killed, wounded or missing.[3][4][5]

The Battle of Charlotte was an American Revolutionary War battle fought in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 26, 1780. The battle took place at the Mecklenburg County Court House; which is now the site of the Bank of America tower at Trade and Tryon Streets in downtown Charlotte. An advance guard of General Charles Cornwallis' army rode into town and encountered a well-prepared Patriot militia under the command of William R. Davie in front of the court house. A skirmish ensued in which George Hanger, leading the British cavalry, was wounded. The small Patriot force, which had not intended more than token resistance, withdrew north toward Salisbury upon the arrival of Cornwallis and the main army.

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Battle of Charlotte

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