Battle of Byram's Ford

Battle of the American Civil War

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Battle of Byram's Ford
Part of the Trans-Mississippi Theater of the
American Civil War
Battle of the Blue by Benjamin D. Mileham.jpg
The Battle of the Blue by Benjamin D. Mileham
DateOctober 22–23, 1864
Location39°01′22.1″N 94°31′50.5″W / 39.022806°N 94.530694°W / 39.022806; -94.530694Coordinates: 39°01′22.1″N 94°31′50.5″W / 39.022806°N 94.530694°W / 39.022806; -94.530694
Result Union Victory
 United States  Confederate States
Commanders and leaders
Maj. Gen. James G. Blunt
Maj. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton
Confederate States of America Brig. Gen. Joseph O. Shelby
Confederate States of America Brig. Gen. John S. Marmaduke
Units involved
First Division, Army of the Border
Pleasanton's Cavalry Division
Shelby's and Marmaduke's divisions

The Battle of Byram's Ford, officially known as the Action at the Big Blue, Mo., was a minor engagement of the American Civil War, comprising two separate skirmishes from October 22 to 23, 1864, in Jackson County, Missouri. It formed a part of the larger Battle of Westport, which ultimately resulted in a Union victory and the end of all major Confederate operations in Missouri.

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  • Battle of Byram's Ford

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