Battle of Blountville

Battle of the American Civil War

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Battle of Blountville
Part of the American Civil War
DateSeptember 22, 1863
LocationCoordinates: 36°32′00″N 82°19′35″W / 36.533333°N 82.326389°W / 36.533333; -82.326389
Result Union victory
 United States (Union)  CSA (Confederacy)
Commanders and leaders
John W. Foster James E. Carter
Units involved
1 brigade 1,200 [1]
Casualties and losses
27 [1] 165 [1]
Map of Blountsville Battlefield core and study areas by the American Battlefield Protection Program.

The Battle of Blountville, sometimes called Battle of Blountsville, was a battle of the American Civil War, occurring on September 22, 1863, in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

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  • Sullivan County, Tennessee

    U.S. county in Tennessee

  • Blountville, Tennessee

    CDP in Tennessee, United States

  • Bluff City, Tennessee

    City in Tennessee, United States

  • Walnut Hill, Tennessee

    CDP in Tennessee, United States

  • Bristol Motor Speedway

    Motorsport track in the United States

  • Battle of Blountville
  • Northeast State Community College

    Public community college in Blountville, Tennessee, U.S.

  • Tri-Cities Regional Airport
  • Sullivan Central High School

    High school in Blountville, Tennessee, United States

  • WXSM

    Radio station in Blountville, Tennessee

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Battle of Blountville

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