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American Institute of Parliamentarians
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Formation1958; 62 years ago (1958)
TypeProfessional association
Legal status501(c)(3)[1]
Headquarters618 Church Street, Suite 220,
Nashville, Tennessee 37219, U.S.
Coordinates36°09′44″N 86°46′57″W / 36.162342°N 86.782563°W / 36.162342; -86.782563Coordinates: 36°09′44″N 86°46′57″W / 36.162342°N 86.782563°W / 36.162342; -86.782563
Al Gage, CPP, PAP
Glen Hall, CP

The American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP) is a not-for-profit educational organization founded in 1958.[3] The objectives of AIP are to promote the use and teaching of parliamentary procedure, as well as the training and certification of parliamentarians.[4]

This organization had 48 members in its first year.[4] It has grown to more than 1,200 members throughout the world, with most of the members residing in North America.[4]

AIP uses many parliamentary authorities in its education programs.[5] This diversity allows members and students to be aware of the common parliamentary procedures, understand the history and theory of why certain procedures exist, and advise organizations on the availability of different procedures.[5]

For one of the parliamentary authorities, The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, AIP was involved in its revision following the death of the original author.[6]

Many members of AIP are also members of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP), and both organizations have worked together with joint NAP/AIP Chapters, collaboration on a Code of Ethics for Parliamentarians, and joint conferences.[7] One of the main differences between the two organizations is that NAP focuses on Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR), while AIP stresses proficiency and familiarity with a variety of parliamentary authorities.[8]

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