Mount Moriah Cemetery

Cemetery in Deadwood, South Dakota

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Mount Moriah Cemetery
Steve and Charlie Utter.jpg
Steve and Charlie Utter at the grave of Wild Bill Hickok.
CountryUnited States
Coordinates44°22′34″N 103°43′30″W / 44.376°N 103.725°W / 44.376; -103.725Coordinates: 44°22′34″N 103°43′30″W / 44.376°N 103.725°W / 44.376; -103.725

Mount Moriah Cemetery on Mount Moriah in Deadwood, Lawrence County, South Dakota is the burial place of Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Seth Bullock and other notable figures of the Wild West. By tradition, the American flag flies over the cemetery 24 hours a day, rather than merely from sunrise to sunset.[1]

In the early years of Deadwood, there were two graveyards: The Ingelside Cemetery, which was part of the way up Mount Moriah and was filled quickly in the first few years it was open, and the Catholic Cemetery. Many prospectors, miners, settlers, prostitutes and children were buried within the Ingelside Cemetery, alongside Wild Bill Hickok and Preacher Smith.[2]

In the 1880s it was determined that the land where Ingelside Cemetery was located could be better used for housing. Most of the bodies there were moved up the mountain to Mount Moriah and re-interred. However, since many graves were unmarked or unknown some were not moved. Today it is not uncommon for people working in their garden or remodelling a basement or shed to find human bones as a leftover from the Ingelside Cemetery days.[3]

Mount Moriah's main attraction is Wild Bill's gravesite. Calamity Jane and Potato Creek Johnny are buried next to him.[4]

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Mount Moriah Cemetery

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