Ancient City of Aleppo World Heritage Site

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UNESCO World Heritage Site
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Ancient Aleppo
LocationAleppo, Syria
IncludesCitadel of Aleppo, Al-Madina Souq
Inscription1986 (10th session)
Area364 ha (1.41 sq mi)
Coordinates36°12′09″N 37°09′46″E / 36.20250°N 37.16278°E / 36.20250; 37.16278Coordinates: 36°12′09″N 37°09′46″E / 36.20250°N 37.16278°E / 36.20250; 37.16278
Ancient City of Aleppo is located in Syria
Ancient City of Aleppo
Location of Ancient City of Aleppo in Syria
Aleppo in 1912

The Ancient City of Aleppo (Arabic: مدينة حلب القديمة‎, romanizedMadīnat Ḥalab al-Qadīma) is the historic city centre of Aleppo, Syria. Before the Syrian Civil War, many districts of the ancient city remained essentially unchanged since its construction during the 12th to the 16th century. Being subjected to constant invasions and political instability, the inhabitants of the city were forced to build cell-like quarters and districts that were socially and economically independent. Each district was characterized by the religious and ethnic characteristics of its inhabitants.

The Old City of Aleppo – composed of the ancient city within the walls and the old cell-like quarters outside the walls – has an approximate area of 350 hectares (860 acres; 3.5 km2), housing more than 120,000 residents.[1]

Characterized by its large mansions, narrow alleys, covered souqs and ancient caravanserais, the Ancient City of Aleppo became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.[2]

Many sections in the Al-Madina Souq and other medieval buildings in the ancient city were destroyed and ruined or burnt as a result of clashes between the Syrian Arab Army and the rebel forces of Jabhat al-Nusra, in what is called the Battle of Aleppo, launched by the opposition JN armed groups on 25 September 2012.[3] In February 2014, the opposition groups of the Islamic Front claimed responsibility for destroying a series of major historic buildings being used as fortified bases by the Syrian Army in the old city including the justice palace, the Carlton hotel and the old building of the city council.[4][5][6]

30%[7] of the Ancient City of Aleppo has been destroyed in the fighting.

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