Pelourinho (Cidade Velha)

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Pillory of Cidade Velha
UNESCO World Heritage Site
The pillory facing the hill and the fortress
LocationCidade Velha, Cape Verde
Part ofCidade Velha, Historic Centre of Ribeira Grande
CriteriaCultural: (ii)(iii)(vi)
Inscription2009 (33rd session)
Coordinates14°54′54″N 23°36′18″W / 14.9151°N 23.6051°W / 14.9151; -23.6051Coordinates: 14°54′54″N 23°36′18″W / 14.9151°N 23.6051°W / 14.9151; -23.6051
Pelourinho (Cidade Velha) is located in Cape Verde
Pelourinho (Cidade Velha)
Location of Pelourinho in Cape Verde

The Pelourinho (Portuguese for "pillory") is an important monument in the city of Cidade Velha in the south of Santiago, Cape Verde. The historic centre of Cidade Velha is an UNESCO World Heritage site since June 2009.[1] It is a white marble column in Manueline style, standing at the main square of the town. It was a symbol of municipal power, and of slavery: rebellious slaves were punished publicly at the pelourinho.[2]

Erected in 1512 or 1520, it is one of the oldest monuments of Cape Verde. It was restored at the end of the 1960s.[2]

The pillory and the square facing the Atlantic and the west of the city
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