Speed Art Museum

Art museum in Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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Speed Art Museum
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Speed Art Museum, March 2016
Speed Art Museum is located in Kentucky
Speed Art Museum
Location within Kentucky
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Speed Art Museum is located in the United States
Speed Art Museum
Speed Art Museum (the United States)
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Location2035 S. 3rd Street
Louisville, Kentucky
Coordinates38°13′4.3″N 85°45′39.3″W / 38.217861°N 85.760917°W / 38.217861; -85.760917Coordinates: 38°13′4.3″N 85°45′39.3″W / 38.217861°N 85.760917°W / 38.217861; -85.760917

The Speed Art Museum, originally known as the J.B. Speed Memorial Museum, now colloquially referred to as the Speed[1] by locals, is the oldest, largest, and foremost museum of art in Kentucky. It is located in Louisville, Kentucky on Third Street next to the University of Louisville Belknap campus and receives around 180,000 visits annually.[2]

The museum offers visitors a variety of "art experiences" outside its collection and international exhibitions, including the Speed Concert Series, the Art Sparks Interactive Family Gallery, and the popular late-night event, After Hours at the Speed.[3]

The Speed houses ancient, classical, and modern art from around the world. The focus of the collection is Western art, from antiquity to the present day. Holdings of paintings from the Netherlands, French and Italian works, and contemporary art are particularly strong, with sculpture prominent throughout.

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Speed Art Museum

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