Roca dels Moros World Heritage Site

Cultural property in El Cogul, Spain

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La Roca dels moros
UNESCO World Heritage Site
064 Pintures de la cova dels Moros, exposició al Museu de Gavà.JPG
The Dance of Cogul. Tracing by Henri Breuil.
LocationEl Cogul, Garrigues, Province of Lleida, Catalonia, Spain
Part ofRock Art of the Mediterranean Basin on the Iberian Peninsula
CriteriaCultural: (iii)
Inscription1998 (22nd session)
Coordinates41°28′0.6″N 0°41′51.5″E / 41.466833°N 0.697639°E / 41.466833; 0.697639Coordinates: 41°28′0.6″N 0°41′51.5″E / 41.466833°N 0.697639°E / 41.466833; 0.697639
Roca dels Moros is located in Catalonia
Roca dels Moros
Location of Roca dels Moros in Catalonia
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Roca dels Moros is located in Spain
Roca dels Moros
Roca dels Moros (Spain)
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The Roca dels Moros or Caves of El Cogul is a rock shelter containing paintings of prehistoric Levantine rock art and Iberian schematic art. The site is in El Cogul, in the autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain. Since 1998 the paintings have been protected as part of the Rock art of the Iberian Mediterranean Basin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inscriptions in Northeastern Iberian script and in Latin alphabet indicate that the place was used as a sanctuary into Iberian and Roman times.[1]

  1. ^ The rock paintings of El Cogul Retrieved 2020-05-13.

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Roca dels Moros

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