Pamir National Park World Heritage Site

National park in Tajikistan

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Tajik National Park (Mountains of the Pamirs)
UNESCO World Heritage Site
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CriteriaNatural: (vii), (viii)
Inscription2013 (37th session)
Area2,611,674 ha (6,453,590 acres)
Coordinates38°45′54″N 72°18′19″E / 38.76500°N 72.30528°E / 38.76500; 72.30528Coordinates: 38°45′54″N 72°18′19″E / 38.76500°N 72.30528°E / 38.76500; 72.30528
Pamir National Park is located in Tajikistan
Pamir National Park
Location of Pamir National Park in Tajikistan

The Pamir National Park (also known as Pamersky, Pamirsky or Tajik National Park) is a national park and nature reserve in eastern Tajikistan. It was established in 1992. In 1989-1992, Anvar J. Buzurukov (as the head of the Protected Areas Department of the Ministry of the Environment) initiated, planned and led scientific feasibility studies and the international scientific camp "Pamir-90" towards establishing the first national and natural parks in the Tajik SSR, the biggest mountain park in USSR.

The park was designated by Decision No. 267 of the Tajikistan Government on July 20, 1992. It was the biggest high mountain park in USSR, with a total area of 1.2 million hectares, a year before the same team established the first nature reserve in Tajikistan, the Shirkent Nature Park. The park is now called the Tajik National Park.[citation needed] It stretches about 2,6 mill.ha which is 18% of the total size of Tajikistan. It includes parts of the Pamir Mountains .In 2001 its area was increased to 2.6 million hectares by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan No. 253.

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