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Boyana Church
Боянска църква
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Exterior of the Boyana Church
AffiliationBulgarian Orthodox
LocationBoyana, Sofia, Bulgaria
Geographic coordinates42°38′40.82″N 23°15′58.22″E / 42.6446722°N 23.2661722°E / 42.6446722; 23.2661722Coordinates: 42°38′40.82″N 23°15′58.22″E / 42.6446722°N 23.2661722°E / 42.6446722; 23.2661722
Groundbreakinglate 10th century
Completedearly 11th century
Official name: Boyana Church
Criteriaii, iii
Designated1979 (3rd session)
Reference no.42
State PartyBulgaria
RegionEurope and North America

The Boyana Church (Bulgarian: Боянска църква, Boyanska tsărkva) is a medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church situated on the outskirts of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, in the Boyana quarter. In 1979, the building was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The east wing of the two-storey church was originally constructed in the late 10th or early 11th century, then the central wing was added in the 13th century under the Second Bulgarian Empire, the whole building being finished with a further expansion to the west in the middle of the 19th century. A total of 89 scenes with 240 human images are depicted on the walls of the church.

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