Roman Walls of Lugo World Heritage Site

Cultural property in Lugo, Spain

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Roman walls of Lugo
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Muralla de Lugo - 03.jpg
LocationLugo, Galicia, Spain
CriteriaCultural: (iv)
Inscription2000 (24th session)
Area1.68 ha (4.2 acres)
Buffer zone59.88 ha (148.0 acres)
Coordinates43°00′40″N 7°33′12″W / 43.0111°N 7.5533°W / 43.0111; -7.5533Coordinates: 43°00′40″N 7°33′12″W / 43.0111°N 7.5533°W / 43.0111; -7.5533
Roman walls of Lugo is located in Galicia
Roman walls of Lugo
Location of Roman walls of Lugo in Galicia
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Roman walls of Lugo is located in Spain
Roman walls of Lugo
Roman walls of Lugo (Spain)
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The Roman walls of Lugo (Spanish, Galician: Muralla Romana de Lugo) were constructed in the 3rd century and are still largely intact, stretching over 2 kilometers around the historic centre of Lugo in Galicia (Spain). The fortifications were added to UNESCO's World Heritage List in late 2000 and are a popular tourist attraction.

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Roman Walls of Lugo
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