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Semmeringbahn 20-Schilling-Blick 01.JPG
Semmering railway with
surrounding mountain scenery
OwnerAustrian Federal Railways
Operator(s)Austrian Federal Railways
Line length41 km (25.5 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Minimum radius190 m (623 ft)
Electrification15 kV, 16⅔ Hz Overhead line
Maximum incline2.5 %
CriteriaCultural: ii, iv
Inscription1998 (22nd session)
Area156.18 ha
Buffer zone8,581.21 ha
Route map
Semmeringbahn route

The Semmering railway (German: Semmeringbahn) in Austria, which starts at Gloggnitz and leads over the Semmering to Mürzzuschlag, was the first mountain railway in Europe built with a standard gauge track. It is commonly referred to as the world's first true mountain railway, given the very difficult terrain and the considerable altitude difference that was mastered during its construction. It is still fully functional as a part of the Southern Railway which is operated by the Austrian Federal Railways.

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