Sangha Trinational World Heritage Site

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Sangha Trinational
UNESCO World Heritage Site
CriteriaNatural: (ix), (x)
Inscription2012 (36th session)
Area746,309 ha (1,844,170 acres)
Buffer zone1,787,950 ha (4,418,100 acres)
Coordinates2°36′34″N 16°33′15″E / 2.60944°N 16.55417°E / 2.60944; 16.55417Coordinates: 2°36′34″N 16°33′15″E / 2.60944°N 16.55417°E / 2.60944; 16.55417
Sangha Trinational is located in Africa
Sangha Trinational
Location of Sangha Trinational in Africa

Sangha Trinational is a forest divided between the nations of Central African Republic, Cameroon and Congo-Brazzaville. It was added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012.[1][2]

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Sangha Trinational

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