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UNESCO World Heritage Site
Булгарское городище 9.JPG
Official nameBolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex
LocationVolga Federal District, Russia
CriteriaCultural: (ii), (vi)
Inscription2014 (38th session)
Area424 ha (1.64 sq mi)
Buffer zone12,101 ha (46.72 sq mi)
Coordinates54°58′44″N 49°03′23″E / 54.97889°N 49.05639°E / 54.97889; 49.05639Coordinates: 54°58′44″N 49°03′23″E / 54.97889°N 49.05639°E / 54.97889; 49.05639
Bolghar is located in Russia
Location of Bolghar in Russia

Bolghar (Tatar: Болгар, Chuvash: Пăлхар) was intermittently capital of Volga Bulgaria from the 8th to the 15th centuries, along with Bilyar and Nur-Suvar. It was situated on the bank of the Volga River, about 30 km downstream from its confluence with the Kama River and some 130 km from modern Kazan in what is now Spassky District. West of it lies a small modern town, since 1991 known as Bolgar. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee inscribed Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex (ancient Bolghar hill fort) to the World Heritage List in 2014.[1]

Hill fort before reconstruction (lithography of XIX)
Common view to hill fort
Temples of hill fort
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