Gorée World Heritage Site

One of the 19 communes d'arrondissement (i.e. districts) of the city of Dakar, Senegal; World Heritage Site

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Commune d'arrondissement
View of the island
View of the island
Gorée location
Gorée location
RegionDakar Region
DepartmentDakar Department
 • Total0.28 km2 (0.11 sq mi)
 • Total1,800
 • Density6,400/km2 (17,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)
Official nameIsland of Gorée
CriteriaCultural: (vi)
Inscription1978 (2nd session)
Coordinates14°40′01″N 17°23′54″W / 14.66694°N 17.39833°W / 14.66694; -17.39833Coordinates: 14°40′01″N 17°23′54″W / 14.66694°N 17.39833°W / 14.66694; -17.39833
Gorée is located in Senegal
Location of Gorée in Senegal

Île de Gorée (French pronunciation: ​[ildəɡoʁe]; "Gorée Island"; Wolof: Beer Dun) is one of the 19 communes d'arrondissement (i.e. districts) of the city of Dakar, Senegal. It is an 18.2-hectare (45-acre) island located 2 kilometres (1.1 nmi; 1.2 mi) at sea from the main harbour of Dakar (14°40′N 17°24′W / 14.667°N 17.400°W / 14.667; -17.400), famous as a destination for people interested in the Atlantic slave trade although its actual role in the history of the slave trade is the subject of dispute.

Its population as of the 2013 census was 1,680 inhabitants, giving a density of 5,802 inhabitants per square kilometre (15,030/sq mi), which is only half the average density of the city of Dakar. Gorée is both the smallest and the least populated of the 19 communes d'arrondissement of Dakar.

Other important centres for the slave trade from Senegal were further north, at Saint-Louis, Senegal, or to the south in the Gambia, at the mouths of major rivers for trade.[1][2] It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was one of the first 12 locations in the world to be designated as such in 1978.[3]

The name is a corruption of its original Dutch name Goedereede, meaning "good roadstead".

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