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The Segre in Lleida
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Path of the Segre [1]
Physical characteristics
 • locationPyrenees
 • coordinates42°24′8″N 2°6′31″E / 42.40222°N 2.10861°E / 42.40222; 2.10861 (source Segre)
 • elevation2,400 m (7,900 ft)
 • location
 • coordinates
41°21′42″N 0°18′15″E / 41.36167°N 0.30417°E / 41.36167; 0.30417 (Ebro-Segre)Coordinates: 41°21′42″N 0°18′15″E / 41.36167°N 0.30417°E / 41.36167; 0.30417 (Ebro-Segre)
Length265 km (165 mi)
Basin features
ProgressionEbroMediterranean Sea

The Segre (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈseɣɾə]; French: Sègre) is a river tributary to the Ebro (Ebre in Catalan) with a basin comprising territories across three states: France, Andorra and Spain.

The river Segre, known to Romans and Greeks as Sicoris, and to the Arabs of Al-Andalus as Nahr az-Zaytūn (نهر الزيتون, river of Olives) [1] has its sources on the north face of the Pic del Segre or Puigmal de Segre ("Segre's Peak") in the French department Pyrénées-Orientales (historically the comarca of Alta Cerdanya), in the Catalan Pyrenees.[2] It follows a western direction all along the Cerdanya (Cerdagne) Valley, and crosses the town Saillagouse, the Spanish exclave Llívia and Bourg-Madame.

It enters Spain at Puigcerdà and continues west until La Seu d'Urgell, where it meets the Valira River coming from Andorra. From this point it adopts a south-western course across the pre-Pyrenees (with several dams along its gorges) and the western plains of Catalonia. It passes through Balaguer, Lleida and flows into the Ebro at Mequinenza.

Among its tributaries: Valira (from Andorra), Noguera Pallaresa, Noguera Ribagorzana, Cinca.

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  • Vall de Núria Rack Railway
  • Queralbs

    Municipality in Catalonia, Spain

  • Err, Pyrénées-Orientales

    Commune in Occitanie, France

  • Puigmal

    Mountain in the Pyrenees

  • Valcebollère

    Commune in Occitanie, France

  • Sainte-Léocadie

    Commune in Occitanie, France

  • Saillagouse

    Commune in Occitanie, France

  • Eyne

    Commune in Occitanie, France

  • Llo

    Commune in Occitanie, France

  • Nahuja

    Commune in Occitanie, France

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