Grünhirscher Stollen

Grünhirscher Stollen
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Grünhirscher Stollen is located in Germany
Grünhirscher Stollen
Grünhirscher Stollen
Location in Germany
LocationSankt Andreasberg
StateLower Saxony
Coordinates51°42′20.394″N 010°30′12.024″E / 51.70566500°N 10.50334000°E / 51.70566500; 10.50334000Coordinates: 51°42′20.394″N 010°30′12.024″E / 51.70566500°N 10.50334000°E / 51.70566500; 10.50334000
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The Grünhirscher Stollen (also Grünhirschler Stollen[2] or Grüne Hirschler Stollen,[3] German: Green Stag's Adit) is an adit (German: Wasserlösungsstollen) for water drainage in Sankt Andreasberg, in the Harz mountains. It was created during mining in the Upper Harz and named after the valley Grüner Hirsch (German: Green Stag) between the mountains Galgenberg and Glockenberg. It leads from the Samson Pit to the south-west of the Galgenberg.[1]

The first 7.1 km of the 10.2 km adit is part of the Upper Harz Water Regale and has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.[4]

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