Tusi Sites World Heritage Site

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Tusi Sites
UNESCO World Heritage Site
CriteriaCultural: (ii), (iii)
Inscription2015 (39th session)
Area781.28 ha (1,930.6 acres)
Buffer zone3,125.33 ha (7,722.9 acres)
Coordinates28°59′55″N 109°58′1″E / 28.99861°N 109.96694°E / 28.99861; 109.96694Coordinates: 28°59′55″N 109°58′1″E / 28.99861°N 109.96694°E / 28.99861; 109.96694
Tusi Sites is located in China
Tusi Sites
Location of Tusi Sites in China

The Tusi Sites (Chinese: 土司遗址; pinyin: Tǔsī Yízhǐ) refer to three of the ancient Tusi sites in China that were designated by the UNESCO as World Heritage Sites on July 3, 2015. It is the 48th World Heritage Site in China.[1]

  1. ^ "China: Ancient Tusi tribal sites added to World Heritage List". International Business Times. 4 July 2015. Retrieved 4 July 2015.

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