Medieval Monuments in Kosovo World Heritage Site

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Medieval Monuments in Kosovo
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Srednjovekovni spomenici nа kosovu.jpg
Clockwise from top left: Church of Patriarchal Monastery of Peć, Our Lady of Ljeviš, Church of Visoki Dečani, a window at Visoki Dečani, Church of Gračanica, fresco of Christ at Our Lady of Ljeviš
LocationAutonomous province of Kosovo, Serbia
CriteriaCultural: (ii), (iii), (iv)
Inscription2004 (28th session)
Area2.8802 ha (7.117 acres)
Buffer zone115.3879 ha (285.130 acres)
Coordinates42°39′40″N 20°15′56″E / 42.66111°N 20.26556°E / 42.66111; 20.26556Coordinates: 42°39′40″N 20°15′56″E / 42.66111°N 20.26556°E / 42.66111; 20.26556
Medieval Monuments in Kosovo is located in Kosovo
Medieval Monuments in Kosovo
Location of Medieval Monuments in Kosovo in Kosovo
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Medieval Monuments in Kosovo is located in Serbia
Medieval Monuments in Kosovo
Medieval Monuments in Kosovo (Serbia)
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The Medieval Monuments in Kosovo (Albanian: Monumentet Mesjetare në Kosovë; Serbian: Средњовековни споменици на Косову, romanizedSrednjovekovni spomenici na Kosovu) are a World Heritage Site consisting of four Serbian Orthodox Christian churches and monasteries which represent the fusion of the eastern Orthodox Byzantine and the western Romanesque ecclesiastical architecture to form the Palaiologian Renaissance style. The construction was founded by members of Nemanjić dynasty, the most important dynasty of Serbia in the Middle Ages. The sites are located in the modern-day Kosovo.[a]

In 2004, UNESCO recognized the Dečani Monastery for its outstanding universal value. Two years later, the site of patrimony was extended as a serial nomination, to include three other religious monuments: Patriarchate of Peć Monastery, Our Lady of Ljeviš and Gračanica Monastery.

In 2006 the property was inscribed on the list of World Heritage in Danger due to difficulties in its management and conservation stemming from the region's political instability.[1]

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Medieval Monuments in Kosovo
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