Cape Floristic Region World Heritage Site

Floristic region in South Africa

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Cape Floral Region Protected Areas
UNESCO World Heritage Site
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LocationSouth Africa
CriteriaNatural: (ix), (x)
Inscription2004 (28th session)
Area1,094,742 ha (2,705,170 acres)
Buffer zone798,514 ha (1,973,170 acres)
Coordinates34°10′00″S 18°22′30″E / 34.16667°S 18.37500°E / -34.16667; 18.37500Coordinates: 34°10′00″S 18°22′30″E / 34.16667°S 18.37500°E / -34.16667; 18.37500
Cape Floristic Region is located in South Africa
Cape Floristic Region
Location of Cape Floristic Region in South Africa
A 360 degree photograph of fynbos in the Groot Winterhoek region of the Western Cape about 18 months after a fire. New plants can be seen in various stages of growth following the fire. The infertile white soil that fynbos tends to grow in can also be clearly seen. Click here to see the photograph in 360 degrees.

The Cape Floristic Region is a floristic region located near the southern tip of South Africa. It is the only floristic region of the Cape (South African) Floristic Kingdom, and includes only one floristic province, known as the Cape Floristic Province.

The Cape Floristic Region, the smallest of the six recognised floral kingdoms of the world, is an area of extraordinarily high diversity and endemism, and is home to over 9,000 vascular plant species, of which 69 percent are endemic.[1] Much of this diversity is associated with the fynbos biome, a Mediterranean-type, fire-prone shrubland.[1] The economical worth of fynbos biodiversity, based on harvests of fynbos products (e.g. wildflowers) and eco-tourism, is estimated to be in the region of R77 million a year.[1] Thus, it is clear that the Cape Floristic Region has both economic and intrinsic biological value as a biodiversity hotspot.[1]

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