Gammelstad Church Town World Heritage Site

District in Luleå, Sweden

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Church Town of Gammelstad, Luleå
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Gammelstad Church Town
LocationGammelstaden, Luleå Municipality, Norrbotten County, Sweden
CriteriaCultural: (ii), (iv), (v)
Inscription1996 (20th session)
Area16.402 ha (40.53 acres)
Buffer zone243.474 ha (601.64 acres)
Coordinates65°38′46″N 22°01′43″E / 65.64611°N 22.02861°E / 65.64611; 22.02861Coordinates: 65°38′46″N 22°01′43″E / 65.64611°N 22.02861°E / 65.64611; 22.02861
Gammelstad Church Town is located in Norrbotten
Gammelstad Church Town
Location of Gammelstad Church Town in Norrbotten
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Gammelstad Church Town is located in Sweden
Gammelstad Church Town
Gammelstad Church Town (Sweden)
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Gammelstad Church Town (Swedish: Gammelstads kyrkstad) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in Gammelstaden near the city of Luleå, Sweden, at the northern end of the Gulf of Bothnia. It is the best preserved example of a type of town that was once widespread throughout northern Scandinavia. As Church Village of Gammelstad, Luleå, it was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1996.

The town is located about 10 kilometers upstream the Lule River. At its centre is the 15th-century Nederluleå Church surrounded by 424 wood-built houses. The houses were only used on Sundays and during religious festivals to accommodate worshipers from the surrounding countryside who could not return home the same day because of the distance and difficult traveling conditions.[1]

Because the buildings are built from timber, regular maintenance is required to prevent rot; surveys have been carried out to document the extent of existing rotting, and snow is cleared regularly during the winter.[2]

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Gammelstad Church Town

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