Kalabsha World Heritage Site

Archaeological site in Egypt

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Coordinates: 23°57′39″N 32°52′2″E / 23.96083°N 32.86722°E / 23.96083; 32.86722

New Kalabsha is located in Egypt
New Kalabsha
New Kalabsha
Old Kalabsha
Old Kalabsha
Locations of Old and New Kalabsha

New Kalabsha is a promontory located near Aswan in Egypt.[1] It houses several important temples, structures, and other remains that have been relocated here from the site of Old Kalabsha (Arabic: Bab al-Kalabsha, "Gate of Kalabsha", the name of Kelāpiş tribe[2]; Ancient Greek: Ταλμις, Talmis) and other sites in Lower Nubia, to avoid the rising waters of Lake Nasser caused by the construction of the Aswan High Dam. The major remains are described below:

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