Biertan fortified church World Heritage Site

Heritage site in Sibiu County, Romania

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Biertan Fortified Church
Biserica fortificată din Biertan
Kirchenburg Birthälm.jpg
LocationBiertan, Romania
Geographic coordinates46°08′07″N 24°31′17″E / 46.135198°N 24.521323°E / 46.135198; 24.521323Coordinates: 46°08′07″N 24°31′17″E / 46.135198°N 24.521323°E / 46.135198; 24.521323
TypeFortified church
Official name: Villages with fortified churches in Transylvania
Designated1993 (17th session)
1999 (23rd session – Extension)
Reference no.596
State PartyRomania
RegionEurope and North America
Official name: Historic monuments in Sibiu County
Reference no.LMI Code: SB-II-a-A-12328

The Biertan fortified church (Romanian: Biserica fortificată din Biertan; German: Kirchenburg von Birthälm) is a Lutheran fortified church in Biertan (Birthälm), Sibiu County, in the Transylvania region of Romania. It was built by the ethnic German Transylvanian Saxon community at a time when the area belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary. Briefly Roman Catholic, it became Lutheran following the Reformation. Together with the surrounding village, the church forms part of the villages with fortified churches in Transylvania UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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