Würzburg Residence World Heritage Site

Cultural heritage monument D-6-63-000-454 (0) in Würzburg, Bavaria

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Würzburg Residence
Würzburger Residenz
2004-06-27-Germany-Wuerzburg-Lutz Marten-Residenz side view 1.jpg
The garden front of Würzburg Residence
Würzburg Residence is located in Bavaria
Würzburg Residence
General information
Architectural styleBaroque
Completed1744 (main structure)
1780 (interiors)
OwnerBavarian Administration of State-Owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes
Residence page at Bavarian Administration of State-Owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes
Official nameWürzburg Residence with the Court Gardens and Residence Square
  1. Residenz
  2. Rosenbach Park
CriteriaCultural: (i), (iv)
Inscription1981 (5th session)
Area14.77 ha (1,590,000 sq ft)
Buffer zone25.0685 ha (2,698,350 sq ft)

The Würzburg Residence (German: Würzburger Residenz) is a palace in Würzburg, Germany. Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt and Maximilian von Welsch, representatives of the Austrian/South German Baroque style, were involved in the construction, as well as Robert de Cotte and Germain Boffrand, who were followers of the French Style. Balthasar Neumann, court architect of the Bishop of Würzburg, was the principal architect of the Residence, which was commissioned by the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn and his brother Friedrich Carl von Schönborn in 1720, and completed in 1744. The Venetian painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, assisted by his son, Domenico, painted frescoes in the building.

Interiors considered masterworks of Baroque/Rococo or Neoclassical architecture and art include the grand staircase, the chapel, and the Imperial Hall. The building was reportedly called the "largest parsonage in Europe" by Napoleon.[1]:52 It was heavily damaged by Allied bombing during World War II, and restoration has been in progress since 1945. Since 1981, the Residence has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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